Since 2012, we have already prescribed and dispensed over few thousand pairs of safety prescription glasses to individuals and company personnels. We are very well experienced in this field. We carry full range of sample set of worksafe, sworke, bolle safety frames in the shop for selection. We also have wide range of lens choices. All safety frame and safety lenses have one year manufacturing warranty.

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Safety Prescription Glasses

Attractive price packages start from $150 onwards!!!

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Sworke safety sports frame - Cyclone X

Cyclone X Olive frame with Red Revo mirror shade UV400 protection. Come with inner lens inset. Can do prescription lenses. Stylish design and suitable for sports or safety purpose.

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Worksafe Uranus blue safety frame (new design)

Sports design frame with not so curved base. Design to be more comfortable, better face wrap and more easily to adapt. Stylish and suitable for all genders.

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Bolle safety frame - skate glossy black

Stylish and suitable for sports and safety purpose.

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Worksafe safety frame - Kuiper Black

One of the most durable safety frames. Thick and tough frame for full protection against danger. The black color lenses illustrated is just a no degree safety lenses. Anyone who interested in tinted safety lenses, please contact us for quotation.

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Worksafe safety frame - Steed clear

Most popular design model I have sold so far. Stylish and suitable for all kinds of sports and safety purpose.

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Guide to buy online here

Please read this before doing any purchase.

Online Prices are only valid in this website. Retail shop pricing remains. Step 1: Choose the Frame you want. Basic Lens are included. Add in the cart. Make payment. Step 2: If you need to upgrade your lenses, please choose the lenses available you needed. Top up price stated. Add cart. Make payment. Please write your degree and pupil distance during the check out cart in this format. (R sphere cylinder axis, L sphere cylinder axis), Pupil Distance (mm) You can also give us a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We do Free Eye Check for paid customers. Please kindly arrange appointment with us if you need to do eye check.