ZEISS Digital 1.67 DuraVision BlueProtect UV

    SGD 470.00

    Upgrade to Premium Super Clarity vision lenses @ 10% discount. Discount code: zeiss10off. Anti-fatigue Lens or early progressive lens. One of the very few company that do the 'addition' up to +125. - To help the eyes to fucus more easily - stress and strain-free viewing throughout the entire day - easy adaption for unaccustomed eyes - For daily use - Fresh fit and focused vision all day long - Suitable for people who just started to have reading problem, can use as early progressive. Method of using is similar. No side distortions. Clear far vision - Include blue ray coating to protect against computer, handphone, digital gadgets 2 years multicoated warranty. Come with ZEISS cleaning cloth and ZEISS card (include your degree, name, date, shop name, lens type). Customer will need to come down to the shop to do fittings and measurements. Please arrange appointment with us. We do free eye check for paid customers.